Srikalahasteeswara Institute of Technology is a professional and officials managed institution and the core value underline philosophy of education is to disseminate knowledge through technical education. It is believed that this institute has been producing good skillful students (both technical and communication skills) with personality development to enrich knowledge in all spheres. To achieve this, the Governing Body of skit of always gives utmost priority in decentralization of administration and running the institute in democratic lines. Also it believes that the feedback from the students and staff on matters of administration, academic and on working environment is very much essential for the vertical growth of the institute. It is therefore the Governing Body Members and Faculty responsibility to ensure that the SKIT is managed in a manner that protects and furthers the interest of students as paramount. The Governing Body of the college recognized to shape and tune budding Engineers with best practices for the growth of the society and country.

It is strongly felt that in order to serve the interests of the students in perpetuity; it is very much need to build SKIT into an institution whose dynamism and vitality are anchored in its core values.

AICTE and J.N.T. University are guiding forces in conduction the affairs of the SKIT College. The Governing Body of SKIT clearly delineates the roles, responsibilities and authorities of the entities in the Governance structure of the college. This code forms an integral part of the governing policy of the institute. The correspondent, the Principal, Faculty and other staff members must adhere to the governance policy of the institute.


  1. The Commissioner, Endowments Department - Smt. Y.V. Anuradha, I.A.S, - Chairman
  2. The Regional Officer, AICTE, Hyderabad – Member
  3. Nominee of the Affiliating University, JNTUA, Ananthapuramu - Dr. K. Rama Naidu - Member
  4. Director of Technical Education (Ex. Officio) or nominee -Member
  5. The Executive Officer cum Correspondent of SKIT - Member
  6. The Principal, SKIT - Dr. B. Jayachandraiah - Member Secretary
  7. To be Nominated - Member
  8. To be Nominated - Member
  9. To be Nominated - Member
  10. To be Nominated - Member
  11. To be Nominated - Member