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Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The Electrical and Electronics Engineering discipline today is multi-disciplinary in nature representing a veritable synergy of different technologies ranging from artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic, micro-controllers and digital signal processing to core subjects of generation, transmission and distribution of power, power systems and their control using computer methods/models etc.

The Electrical and Electronic Engineering program provides breadth (core courses), depth (elective sequence), and a culminating experience to practice the design knowledge gained through the curriculum. The program motivates students to appreciate the connectedness among abstract ideas, applications, their classes, and their careers. The electrical engineering core is emphasized, providing students with a broad undergraduate electrical engineering education.

The Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department, established in 1997, has been so structured, in terms of experienced staff and excellent laboratory facilities, as to Equip the students with knowledge of cutting edge technologies and Give them adequate hands-on experience through laboratory work, innovative projects in Industry and Research Establishments, seminars/workshops and so on. The Department offers 4 years B.Tech Programme in Electrical & Electronics Engineering with 60 students as in take and also offers 3 year diploma course with 60 students as in take.

List of Laboratories:

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Dr. V. Rajani Kanth .V, Ph.D

Associate Professor -NA-

Sri. G. Muni Reddy, M.Tech

Assistant Professor -NA-

Smt. G. Sarojini Devi, M.Tech

Assistant Professor -NA-

Sri. R. Siva Subranyam Reddy, M.Tech

Assistant Professor -NA-

Sri. S. NaraSimha Rao, M.Tech

Assistant Professor -NA-

Sri. K. V. Rami Reddy, M.Tech

Assistant Professor -NA-

Smt.V. Jyothsna priya, M.Tech

Assistant Professor -NA-